Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Valis Gashapon Vol. 1 + Secret Figure - In Stock

«©NCSX» NCS received the first Valis Gashapon set in September and we supplied them in complete sets of 4 figures (seen in the background of the photo to the left). Millennium also produced a fifth secret figure which was scattered randomly in each factory box of toys. We've received a second batch of Valis Vol. 1 gashapon today and we're offering the set with the secret figure in today's listing.

NCS is supplying the five figures as shown at US$45.90:

» Yuko Asao - full-figured warrior with sword and removable clothing
» Reiko Kirishima in her "evil" persona with skimpy outfit and weapon
» Yuko Asao bust figure where the Vecanti warrior arches upwards
» Reiko Kirishima matching bust figure with similar arching posture
» Yuko Asao - wearing a school outfit and apparently resting/sleeping

Some simple assembly is required to put the figures together and a base is included for display purposes. New orders are welcome to ship today.

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