Friday, August 29, 2008

Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku DS LE - New, In Stock

Taking place at the beginning of the Shinseiki Evangelion television serial, Gendou Ikari hands you the responsibility of live-in teacher to Rei Ayanami. When you first meet her, she's pretty banged up with bandages all over and her arm's cradled by a sling. Similar to but not quite a blank slate, your young charge is recovering from injuries and it's up to you to help her heal mentally and physically.

With a set of six primary commands such as "talk," "goods," "costume," "town," and "schedule," you'll give Rei various duties to perform and gradually win her confidence. Ayanami's day can consist of going to school, learning archery to improve her willpower, playing violin, or a trip to the amusement park, among other venues. Each activity improves or diminishes one or more of her attributes. Along the way, you'll get to see Ayanami in various pieces of clothing.

The limited edition of
Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku DS includes a black NDS pouch with red NERV logo on the front and a blue Evangelion strap that's tethered to trinket which features an image of Rei and Asuka.

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