Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Guilty Gear X 1/7 Scale I-NO Figure

The first word that comes to mind when checking out Max Factory's Guilty Gear X I-NO figure is "funky." Some other words that might be bandied about the room could be "flaky," "ditzy," and conditionally "sexy" in a crazy sort of way.
As one might have surmised from the product header, I-NO hails from the Guilty Gear X games where she serves a shadowy figure known as Ano Otoko. Under instructions from Ano Otoko, I-NO machinates and manipulates the fighters in the Guilty Gear X game against each other. In the Guilty Gear XX sequel, I-NO is the boss character and the ultimate opponent in the game. I-NO's primary weapon is an electric axe which she strums to blow out sonic blasts and wreaks havoc on opponents by swinging it like an actual axe. I-NO's witch hat also provides offensive capability to stun oncoming attackers.
Max Factory's Guilty Gear I-NO PVC figure is set at 1/7 scale and measures 26.50cm or 10.43" tall. The likeness of the figure is true to I-NO's wacky video game persona and her body is posed in a manner which conveys her unique personality. Preorders are welcome to ship in Dec 07.

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